Tuesday, July 15, 2014

John T Meigs or Meggs 1760-1844 #52Ancestors #25

John T Meggs or Meigs was born about 1760. Tradition says he was born in Virginia, but the only census records I have found show him in North Carolina.
Supposedly he moved to North Carolina when he was about 16.
Tradition and online trees state that John served in the North Carolina Militia in the Revolutionary War at about age 16. There is a record of A John Meggs.
NC State Archives Revolutionary Army Accounts, Reel: S.115.45 Vol. C, pg 64 John Meggs Hillsborough District. The United States of America For Sundries furnished and cash paid the militia of North Carolina Virginia and South Carolina as allowed by the auditors of Hillsborough District in Augst 1782 as p report No82 To amount brought forward (highlighted in yellow) 2027 To John Meggs--574--3.18 Specie. (fromAncestry.com member plrolison)

He also was said to have fought in the War of 1812. I haven't followed up on that yet.

A John Meggs Sr. was issued a Land Grant of 300 acres in Anson Co., NC on December 12, 1816. Grant # 2386, Book 130, Page 426, File #6261.
plrolison originally shared this to Ancestry.com

John married Miss Polly Gordon. They had at least eight children, all born in North Carolina:
Martha Margaret born 1788, never married, died 1843
James born 1789, married Sarah Elizabeth Thomas, died 1821
John born 1790, married Charity Lassiter, died 1854
Stephen Strider born 1792, married Lucinda Adeline Johnson, died 1867
Isaac born 1794, married Anna Balkin, died 1900
William born 1799, married Mary Tubbs and Caroline Goodman, died 1880
Thomas born 1807, married Karonhappuc Tubbs (sister of Mary Tubbs), died 1880
David born 1813, married Nancy, died 1881

Many online trees cite the John Meggs found 1810 in Anson, North Carolina as the same John Meggs.
Series: M252 Roll: 38 Page: 25
Jno Meggs
Under 10 2
10 to 15 2
16 to 25 2
26 to 44 1
45 up 0
Under 10 1
10 to 15 0
16 to 25 0
26 to 44 1
45 up 0

The dates are not quite matching up, John and Polly both would have been 45 up, 4 sons would have been 16-25, 1 son 10-16, and 1 son under 10.

The family moved to Hall County Georgia by 1820. In 1830 and 1840 they are in Campbell County, Georgia. Dates still not completely matched up.
1830 Campbell Co., Georgia
1 male 10-15=David about 18
1 male 15-20=Thomas about 23
1 male 60-70=John about 70
1 female 60-70=Polly about 70

On July 1, 1843 John was granted 202 acres of land in Carroll county from the Georgia land Lottery. It is not known if he ever moved there. He died in 1844.