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New Year's Baby Joseph Norman 1955-1987 #52Ancestors #52

Joseph Wilburn Norman was the New Year's Baby in Birmingham, Alabama in 1955. He was the son of John and Dorothy Phillips Norman.

Dorothy almost named him Samuel, but as soon as she found out he was the New Year's Baby, she instantly knew she would name him Joseph.

Joseph was welcomed at home by his older brother, John David. They were inseparable.
Joe was raised in a super clean environment. This was in the 50's when everything was boiled, bleached, or Lysoled. (Much unlike my own home). The first time he was ever put on the floor, he got up and walked.

Joe made up for lost time out in the woods and fields. The two boys were always into something. During the summer they would come in so dirty, Dorothy would have them strip at the back door and wash off with the hosepipe (yeah, this is Alabama, it's a hosepipe).

Joe was once building a treehouse and he managed to hang himself with a rope. David and Dorothy were working in the garden nearby. Dorothy happened to see him hanging and cleared a fence by putting one hand on a post and leaping over, and was able to rescue Joe before it was too late.

When Joe was small, about 1 1/2, he was hospitalized to have his tonsils taken out. David had sympathy pains and laid in bed until his brother came home.

Joe was a prankster and absolutely LOVED firecrackers...maybe it had something to do with being the "New Year's Baby".

Joe was married twice, first to Robin. They divorced after a year.
Joe married Sheree and they had two children, Joey and Melanie. (I'm not using last names here since all parties are still living).

Joe worked in the oil fields, mainly around Zachary, Louisiana.

Sheree and Joe eventually broke up. Joe fully embraced the bachelor life. He liked to party, to put it mildly.

Joe died December 29, 1987 on Interstate 65 in Evergreen, Alabama. He and a friend were on the way to Florida. It was a spur of the minute trip, and both were roaring drunk. Joe was thrown from the car, and died instantly. His friend survived.

Joe had always told us he wanted to donate his body to science, so that's what happened. We donated his body to University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Joe has a marker next to his mother in the Phillips Cemetery, Little River, Baldwin, Alabama.
Rest In Peace Joe.

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One of the Nuts-William McCullough 1793-1863 #52Ancestors #51

William McCullough, my 3rd great grandfather, was born about 1793 in South Carolina. He married Eleanor, probably in 1814 in South Carolina. They both would have been about 21.
While in South Carolina, they had:
William Madison born 1815 in SC. He married Chloe McCraw.
The family moved to Warren County, Tennessee, where the following children were born:
Gabriel J. born about 1817. He married Mary Meggs. (My 2nd great grandparents)
Martha Jane born Nov 21, 1817. She married Lemuel McCraw.
James born about 1820. He married Sarah Haggard.
The family moved to Perry County, Alabama where the following children were born:
Elizabeth born 1827. She married William S England.
Rufus born 1832. He married Cynthia Thompson.
Thomas Huntington McCullough born August 15, 1835. He married Louisa Smith.

William is mentioned in one of the "Three Brothers Stories". You know the ones...there were three brothers that came to the US...
This one was found on the McCullough Ancestry message board:
"They was three McCullough brothers born in the 1760's that came from Ireland with their parents and they were on the 1790 census in Pendleton District South Carolina with their mother their father was probably already dead. Their names were John, James, and William McCullough. James and William died in 1819 and John died in 1833. the grant they got in 1790 was put in John's name and when he died it had to be divided up. James and Williams families sold their part and moved to Alabama and Florida. William had three sons that went to Alabama. William Culpepper McCollough born 1799, John Reed McCollough born 1802, and Thomas McCollough born 1804. My DNA matched all these decendents and I go back to John. The William McCullough born 1793 could have been James son. I know he had one born 1794."

There was no shortage of McCulloughs in the 1790 census in Pendleton District South Carolina. The numbers following the names are page numbers.
McCullouch, Samuel 100
McCullock, Rob 16
McCullock, Rob 25
McCullock, Sam 16
McCullock, Wm 16
McCulloh, Wm 93
McCullough, Andw 11
McCullough, Elizabeth 52
McCullough, Hugh 52
McCullough, James 51
McCullough, James 57
McCullough, James 61
McCullough, John 52
McCullough, John 52
McCullough, Jno 58
McCullough, Thos 16
McCullough, Wm 51
McCullum, Hansel 101

McCullum, James 39

In the 1830 Perry, Alabama census, William is enumerated with a household of 7 males, 3 females, and 0 slaves. There is also a David McCullough with 1 male, 1 female, and 4 slaves. Too bad the 1830 census did not give ages. Possible father or other relative??

In 1836 William purchased land in Perry County:
SW quarter of SW quarter 40 acres William McCullough Aug 20 1836 #30923
SE quarter of SW quarter 80 acres William McCullough Aug 20 1836 #30923

1840 Perry, Alabama:

Wm McCullough
1 male under 5
1 male 5-10
2 males 15-20
1 mae 20-30
1 male 40-50
1 female 10-15
1 female 20-30

1 female 40-50

1850 Severe, Perry, Alabama
Wm McCullough 49 Farmer 200 SC
Elender 47 SC
Thomas H 15 AL
Gabriel J 26 TN

Rufus G 18 AL

In 1852 William, along with his son William M, signed a bond as administrator of Morris Moon's estate in Perry County.

1860 Oak Grove, Perry, Alabama
Wm McCullough, 67, SC, Insane
Ellenor McCullough, 67, wife. SC

William's son William M McCullough was appointed guardian of person and estate of William M McCullough, lunatic, 17 March 1863. It's more than probable that William suffered from
Alzheimer's due to the fact he was not insane before the 1860 census.
I've got a copy of the above, but have evidently misfiled it. I'll add as soon as I locate it...

Some questions remain:
Where in South Carolina did William McCullough come from?
Who are his parents?
Who is his wife Eleanor?

When and where did they marry?
When did he die and where was he buried?
This work has been released into the public domain by its author, Natrajdr at the wikipedia project

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Abraham Goad 1665-1734 #52Ancestors #50

Abraham Goad was born before or about 1665 in Lancaster County, Virginia. He was thoughtful enough to leave lots of records behind.
John Smith's "Virginia" published in 1612

Abraham married Katherine Williams, daughter of John Williams and his wife Eve. Abraham was a tobacco planter in Richmond County, Virginia.
Abraham and Katherine had seven children:
William born 1693, married Mary
Hannah born 1695, married Tobias Phillips and William Dodson
John born 1700, married Katherine Jennings and Ann Isham?
Alice born 1704, married Fortunatus Dodson and John Fowler
Elizabeth born 1705 married John Dodson
Abraham born 1709, married Joanna Wheatley
Peter born 1715, never married

Abraham was the great grandfather of John Sevier, the first governor of Tennessee.

Abraham left several court records behind, although his last name was usually spelled Goard. There are records going back to 1652 but I believe that would be another Abraham Goad (father??)

9th of November, 1687 - The County of Lancaster being indebted in the quantity of foure thousand three hundred twenty and nine pounds of tobacco and caske, have ordered a Levie of seven pounds of tobacco bee raised by Capt. Richard Neusum, High Sheriffe of this County, off and from every Tithable person in this County...(including) ABRAHAM GOARD 01 ( a tithe of 1 lb of Tobacco)

14 of December, 1687 - p 66 - at the Courthouse of Lancaster County December the 14, 1687 May it please your excellencty - In Obedience to your Excellencys directed to this Court for the returneing an Accompt of all persons that are able to beare Armes both for Horse and Foot Service in this County, wee have duely examined a List of the Freeholders and House Keepers inhabiting in ore said County and wee doe finde upon ore inquiry that many of them are very poore, despicable persons. Wee have returned yore Excellency the full exprest by yore Order as Followeth:
Persons appointed for Foot Service - 101 individuals, (including): ABRA: GOARD.

Lancaster County Will Order Abstracts 27th of November 1680 - pp72 - 73
An inventory of the Estate of Robert Brian (deceased)...including: An accot. of tobacco due to the Estate:
Three hogshds of old tobacco in the House weighing 1390; One Bill of Richd. Marshall, a Bill of Jno Nerings, a Bill of ABRAHAM GOARDS, a Bill of Jno Frondes,....

Will of John Phillips of Lancaster County, VA, Jan 30, 1689-90,
Witnessed by ABRAHAM GOARD

DEED between Wm. Smyth (Katherine William's stepfather) and ABRAHAM GOARD - March 24, 1699

THIS INDENTURE made the 24th day of March in the yeare of our Lord according to the computacon of the Church of England 1699 Between Wm Smyth of the Parish of North Farnham & County of Richmond, Carpenter, of the one part and ABRAHAM GOARD of the Parish & County aforesaid also Plantr. of the other part. Witnesseth that the said William Smyth for Six thousand pounds of tobacco good & merchantable in caske to be paid hath granted unto the said ABRAHAM GOARD his heirs & assignes forever one parcell of Land conteyning One hundred & fifty acres or thereabouts be it more or less, one part of wch: the houses & plantacon of the said Wm. Smyth & now in the occupation & holding of the said ABRAHAM GOARD, being prt of a greater devident conteyning Foure hundred ninty & eight acres belonging to the said Wm. Smyth, scituate lying & being on the North side of Rappahannock River and on the branches of Farnham & Morattico Creeks beginning at a marked Poplar standing in the mouth of a forke or branch that issues out of the Bryery Swamp and running alongs a line of marked tress to Dacres, his path, thence alonge the meanders of the said path to the line of the said William Smyth bearing Easterly, thence alonge the said line to the Poplar, the first station, And likewise all houses buildings in upon or about the said One hundred & fifty acres of land or thereabouts with the profitts belonging, And also all right of the said William Smyth to the said Land, To have & tohold to the only proper use of him the said ABRAHAM GOARD his heirs & assignes forever, fully discharged from all manner of formes & titles comitted by the said Wm. Smyth his heirs, the Quitrents hereof only excepted to be paid unto the Chief Lords or Proprietors of the Fees by the said ABRAHAM GOARD his heirs or assignes, And the said Wm. Smyth doth agree for himselfe his heirs warrant & forever defend against the claimes of any persons
whatsoever so that the said ABRAHAM GOARD his heirs may hold the before granted premisses and the profitts of the same to take without the hinderance of said Wm. Smyth his heirs or any other persons clayming the same. In Witness whereof I have sett my hand
& seale Sealed & detivent in presence of us:
William Smyth, his marke, Richard Samphee, his marke, Thoe Hughes, his mark, Edward Jones

KNOW ALL MEN by these presents that I Eve Smyth (Abraham's mother-in-law), the Wife of William Smyth of the Parish of North Farnham and County of Richmond, Carpenter, have nominated & constituted Samuel Sammford my true & lawfull Attorney to appeare afore the Worshipll Court of Richmond & acknowledge my full assent & consent to the passing away all my right & interest of Dower unto certaine Lands sold unto ABRAHAM GOARD & by a certaine Indenture bearing date with these presens and therefore I do hereby release & forever quit claims all my right of Dower to the said Lands & every part thereof. As witness
my hand and seal this 24th of March Ano: Dom: 1699 in presence of us Richd Sampee his marke; Eve Smyth, her marke; Tho Hughes, his marke;
Edward Jones ; Recordr: Test Wm. Colston, Cl Cur
Memoran: The (blank) day of March 1699 the within named William Smyth entered into the Capitall messuage & tooke possession thereof & also tooke turff & twigg on the land within granted & then peacably after delivered possession & seisin thereby of all& singular the plantacon lands houses & premisses within mentioned according to the tenour of this present Deed of Grant & Sale unto the within named ABRAHAM GOARD.

Richmond County Orders 1697-1699, P. 402
Richmond County Court 7th of June 1699
Phillip Keph, Servant to ABRAHAM GOARD, being presented to this Court to have inspection in his age is adjudged Twelve years old and ordered to serve his said Master or his assigns according to Act
John Wallis, Servant to ABRAHAM GOARD, being presented to this Court to have inspection into his age is adjudged Twelve years old and ordered to serve his said Master or his assigns according to Act

Abraham died April 11, 1733 after having written his will in March. In the will his name is spelled Goad. Of ancestor Alice got one shilling...

 In the name of God Amen. I Abraham GOAD being weak of body but in sound and perfect mind and memory thanks be given to all mighty God for the same, do make and ordain this to be my last will and testement, but first of all I recommend my soul to the hands of Almighty God that gave it to me & my body to be buryed in a Christianlike manner at the discretion of my Executors hereafter mentioned, and as touching my temporal Estate in which it has pleased Almighty God to bless me with, I give and dispose of the same in manner and form following:
 Imprimus - I give and bequeath to my grandson, William Goad, son of William Goad, that plantation whereon Mary Goad now lives and all the land thereto belonging on that side of the swamp up to Mr. Griffin's line (excepting a small piece of land I have given bond to Mr. William Downman for the acknowledgement of).
 Item - I give and bequeath to my son, John Goad, and his wife all land that lies above the North Fork of briary swamp belongs to me up to Oakley's line....
 Item - I give to my son, Abraham Goad, all the land lying on the south side of my spring branch.... in case the said Abraham should die without heirs, then the said land to fall to my son Peter.....
 Item - I give unto my son, Peter Goad, all the land lying on the north side of my spring branch......
 Item - I give to the heirs of my son, William Goad, dec'd, one shilling to be paid by...
 Item - I give to my daughter, Hannah Phillips, one shilling.....
 Item - I give to my daughter, Elizabeth Dodson, one shilling.....
 Item - I give to my daughter, Alice Dodson, one shilling.....
 Item - I give and bequeath to my wife, Catherine, the use of my Negro woman, Judith, and all the remaining part of my personal Estate during her natural life & after her decease to be equally divided amongst my three sons John Goad, Abraham Goad, and Peter Goad. My will and desire is that my wife Catherine Goad live on my plantation and not be molested during her natural life.
 Item - I likewise constitute ordain and appoint my son John Goad to be the whole and sole Executor of this my last will and testament, as witness my hand and seal this 7th day of March, 1733.

. Witnesses: Eliza E. Lawson                                      his
                    Winefed Miskell                     Abraham  AG  Goad
                    Henry Miskell                                         mark

1733, 1 Jul: Richmond Co Will Bk V, p 238 (dated 7 Mar 1733): will was proven. Inventory on page 240. Probate: July 01, 1734, North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co., Virginia.

If you are related to this family, I'd love to hear from you.

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Fortunatus Dodson 1700-1737 #52Ancestors #49

Fortunatus Dodson was born about 1700 in Richmond County, Virginia. He was the son of Charles Dodson and his wife Ann Stone.

Fortunatus was bequeathed property in his father's will "son Fortunatas all land below my spring branch". The will was probated May 2, 1716.

You would think Fortunatus Dodson would be an unusual name, but there are several land records for Fortunatus Dodson that go back to the 1600's in Richmond, Virginia. I'm not going to include those here as they belong to one of the other Fortunatus Dodsons that were in the same area. There were at least four by the name in the area in the 1700s.

Fortunatus married Alice Goad September 9, 1726 in North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, Virginia. Alice was the daughter of Abraham and Katherine Williams Goad.
North Farnham Episcopal Church from Library of Congress

Fortunatus and Alice had the following children, all born in North Farnham Parish:
Lucy born 1728
James born 1730
Ann born 1732
Alice born 1733
Hannah born 1737

Fortunatus died on September 9, 1737 in North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, Virginia. He did not leave a will. His widow Alice then married John Fowler and had several more children.

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Milly Mills Yielding 1768-1811 #52Ancestors #48

Milly Mills was the daughter of William Mills and his wife Eleanor Nelly Morris. I can finally say that with some confidence. DNA has proven the connection back to Milly's father and grandfather. Milly was born 1768 in North Carolina.
This work is in the public domain in the United States because it is a work prepared by an officer or employee of the United States Government as part of that person’s official duties under the terms of Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 105 of the US Code

The only thing I had as far as evidence before the DNA match was an indenture (land sale) between Milly's husband,  Richard Yielding, and her father William Mills.

Milly Mills married Richard "Yealding" in Rutherford,North Carolina on November 5, 1788. They had ten children:
Devinea born November 20, 1790 married William Sanders.
Francis born December 21, 1792 married Elizabeth Earles.
Richard J. born March 17, 1795 married Agnes Unknown and Mariah Wilds.
John Jasper born February 14, 1797 married Nancy Billingsley.
Rachel born 1799.
Elizabeth born July 24, 1801 married Robert Christopher Freeman.
Leticia "Littie" born 1802 married Andrew Allred.
Joseph born August 17, 1804 married Mary McCutcheon and Chasey M. Bartlett.
Taylor Mills Loftin born February 2, 1809 married Susannah Permelia Miller.
Dorcas born 1810 married Thomas Francis Calaway Waid.

The above mentioned land sale

No. 1374 March the 25th 1793

This Indenture made this eleventh day of Juary in the year of our Lord one
thousand seven hundred and ninety three Between William Mills of the county
of Rutherford and state of North Carolina of the one part; and Richard
Yielding of the county and state aforesaid of the other part. Witnesseth;
that for and in consideration of the sum of thirty pounds good and lawful
money of the State aforesaid to him the
said William Mills in hand paid by the said Richard Yielding and before the
sealing of these presents the receipt and payment whereof I do hereby
acknowledge hath granted bargained sold allienated [sic] Enfeofed [sic]
conveyed and confirmed and by these presents doth grant bargain sell allien
Enfeof [sic] convey and confirm unto the said Richard Yielding his heirs and
assigns forever one certain piece or parcel of land containing by estimation
one hundred acres granted by his Excellency Alexander
Martin Captain General Commander of the State of aforesaid in the year of our
Lord 1790 and 16th day of November lying and being in County and State
aforesaid on both sides of Rollen (this word is spelled Rotten in some
abstracts - I do not see the "Ls" crossed) Creek of Green River Begining
[sic] at a red oak on the South side of the creek thence North one hundred
poles to a Spanish oak then west one hundred and sixty poles to a stake
thence south one hundred poles to a stake thence to the begining [sic]
containing one hundred acres with the appurtainances [sic] situate lying and
being as aforesaid to have and to hold all and singular every of the
aforesaid one hundred acres with the appurtainances [sic] thereunto belonging
as in anywise appurtaining [sic] to the only use and behoof(?) of the
aforesaid Richard Yielding his heirs and assigns forever and I the said
William Mills for myself my heirs and assigns doth hereby covenant and agree
to and with the aforesaid Richard Yielding that the said William Mills  his
heirs Exrs. and admrs. shall at all times warrant and forever defend the
aforesaid granted premesis to the said Richard Yielding his heirs and assigns
forever against all claims or demands whatsoever whereby the above mentioned
premises might or may be Effected or Incumbered
[sic] contrary to the true Intent and meaning of these presents. In Witness
whereof the said William Mills hath set his hand and seal the day and year
first above written,
William MILLS {Seal}
Transcribed from copies of originals by Judith Presnell Canant

Milly died in 1811, probably from complications of childbirth, in Rutherford, North Carolina. Her gravesite is unknown.

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Evernote Announces Work Chat

Evernote Announces Work Chat

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Collaborate on projects in one place.
Send a message to anyone instantly.
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Read all about it here at Evernote

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Archibald McKenzie-Newly found Ancestor #47 of #52Ancestors

This work has been released into the public domain by its author, Apers0n at the English Wikipediaproject. This applies worldwide.

Through the miracle of DNA testing, I've been able to go a bit further back on some of my lines. I was able to connect back to Archibald McKenzie. He was born about 1818, and was christened October 11, 1818 in Macroom, County Cork, Ireland. His parents were Murdock and Sarah McKenzie.

I was really excited to connect back to Archibald. I've never been able to find WHERE in Ireland any of my Irish ancestors came from. Now I've got a place.

I've got lots more investigating to do, but here's what I've learned so far.

Archibald married Elizabeth Brown. They had children as follows:

Murdock Orr McKinzie born 1841 in Ireland, married Mary Frances Sullivan.
Jane McKinzie born Mar 17 1842 in Ireland, married Daniel McNamara.
George Patrick McKenzie born June 3, 1851 in County Cork, married Alice Veronica Butler.
John McKenzie born 1857 Ireland.
William McKenzie (Mackenzie on birth registration) born 1859 in Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire, Wales, married Jane.
Archibald "Archie" McKenzie (Mckinsey on birth registration) born 1863 in Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire, Wales.
Henry McKenzie born 1865 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania.

Archibald was involved in a riot at Coolderrihy (Coolderry), Cork:

(CE 19/12/1845) - MACROOM PETTY SESSIONS - Archibald M’Kenzie and John Connell were charged with riot and unlawful assemblage at Coolderrihy on the ….. of September. Both prisoners pleaded guilty. - Mr. B. Gallwey, (Crown Solicitor), said he would enter into a few particulars, to show the seriousness of the offence with which the prisoners stood charged. This was a prosecution that resulted out of a very serious riot which occurred at Coolderrihy, in which upwards of four hundred persons were engaged; the prisoners were present, one of whom (M’Kenzie) took a very active part, seizing one of the police man’s muskets and attempting to wrest it from him, and several policemen were severely injured on the occasion. -Constable Parr examined by Mr. Gallwey - Deposed that he was present at Coolderrihy on the day on which the riot occurred; had a prisoner in custody, and was conveying him away when M’Kenzie rushed forward and desired the constable to let go the man; saw him take an active part in the riot generally; about four hundred persons were engaged in the riot; the Rev. James O Driscoll was present; his horse was struck in the eye, which was knocked out; the priest was busily engaged in quelling the disturbance. - Sub-Inspector Gernon examined by Mr. Gallwey - Was at the pattern at Coolderrihy on that day with a party of 30 men; Mr. O Driscoll arrived at the time rioting was proceeding; he exerted himself in the most strenuous manner to induce the people to go home; requested me not to allow my men to load, and he would get the people to disperse; he came back shortly afterwards and told me that his horse had been struck in the eye; no man could have made more active exertions to force the people to go home; understood him to be curate to the parish priest and known to the people; it was the greatest scene of confusion that he ever witnessed. - Mr. Little remarked it certainly was a most disgraceful outrage, and but for the judicious conduct of the officer in command, and the praiseworthy exertions of the Rev. Mr. ODriscoll, most diastrous consequences might have ensued. - The Court agreed with Mr.Little, and thought great praise was due to those gentlemen in so effectually preventing a most serious breach of the peace. - The prisoners were respectively sentenced to 4 months’ imprisonment.

Archibald moved his family to Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire, Wales between 1857 and 1859. They are found there in the 1861 census. The boarder, Daniel McNamara, would marry daughter Jane. 

Archie immigrated to the US about 1863.

The family is found in Beaver Falls, Beaver, Pennsylvania in 1870

The family in 1870. Last name is spelled McKinzie.

Event Place: Pennsylvania, United States
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Archie Mckinzie  M 50 Ireland
Elisabeth Mckinzie  F 48 Ireland
John Mckinzie  M 13 Ireland
William Mckinzie  M 10 Wales
Archie Mckinzie  M 7 Wales
Henry Mckinzie  M 4 Pennsylvania

Archibald died at some time after the 1870 census.

The Name McKenzie was also spelled McKinzie by several of his descendants, and varied on birth, census and death records.

If you know any more about this family, I'd love to hear from you!