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One of the Nuts-William McCullough 1793-1863 #52Ancestors #51

William McCullough, my 3rd great grandfather, was born about 1793 in South Carolina. He married Eleanor, probably in 1814 in South Carolina. They both would have been about 21.
While in South Carolina, they had:
William Madison born 1815 in SC. He married Chloe McCraw.
The family moved to Warren County, Tennessee, where the following children were born:
Gabriel J. born about 1817. He married Mary Meggs. (My 2nd great grandparents)
Martha Jane born Nov 21, 1817. She married Lemuel McCraw.
James born about 1820. He married Sarah Haggard.
The family moved to Perry County, Alabama where the following children were born:
Elizabeth born 1827. She married William S England.
Rufus born 1832. He married Cynthia Thompson.
Thomas Huntington McCullough born August 15, 1835. He married Louisa Smith.

William is mentioned in one of the "Three Brothers Stories". You know the ones...there were three brothers that came to the US...
This one was found on the McCullough Ancestry message board:
"They was three McCullough brothers born in the 1760's that came from Ireland with their parents and they were on the 1790 census in Pendleton District South Carolina with their mother their father was probably already dead. Their names were John, James, and William McCullough. James and William died in 1819 and John died in 1833. the grant they got in 1790 was put in John's name and when he died it had to be divided up. James and Williams families sold their part and moved to Alabama and Florida. William had three sons that went to Alabama. William Culpepper McCollough born 1799, John Reed McCollough born 1802, and Thomas McCollough born 1804. My DNA matched all these decendents and I go back to John. The William McCullough born 1793 could have been James son. I know he had one born 1794."

There was no shortage of McCulloughs in the 1790 census in Pendleton District South Carolina. The numbers following the names are page numbers.
McCullouch, Samuel 100
McCullock, Rob 16
McCullock, Rob 25
McCullock, Sam 16
McCullock, Wm 16
McCulloh, Wm 93
McCullough, Andw 11
McCullough, Elizabeth 52
McCullough, Hugh 52
McCullough, James 51
McCullough, James 57
McCullough, James 61
McCullough, John 52
McCullough, John 52
McCullough, Jno 58
McCullough, Thos 16
McCullough, Wm 51
McCullum, Hansel 101

McCullum, James 39

In the 1830 Perry, Alabama census, William is enumerated with a household of 7 males, 3 females, and 0 slaves. There is also a David McCullough with 1 male, 1 female, and 4 slaves. Too bad the 1830 census did not give ages. Possible father or other relative??

In 1836 William purchased land in Perry County:
SW quarter of SW quarter 40 acres William McCullough Aug 20 1836 #30923
SE quarter of SW quarter 80 acres William McCullough Aug 20 1836 #30923

1840 Perry, Alabama:

Wm McCullough
1 male under 5
1 male 5-10
2 males 15-20
1 mae 20-30
1 male 40-50
1 female 10-15
1 female 20-30

1 female 40-50

1850 Severe, Perry, Alabama
Wm McCullough 49 Farmer 200 SC
Elender 47 SC
Thomas H 15 AL
Gabriel J 26 TN

Rufus G 18 AL

In 1852 William, along with his son William M, signed a bond as administrator of Morris Moon's estate in Perry County.

1860 Oak Grove, Perry, Alabama
Wm McCullough, 67, SC, Insane
Ellenor McCullough, 67, wife. SC

William's son William M McCullough was appointed guardian of person and estate of William M McCullough, lunatic, 17 March 1863. It's more than probable that William suffered from
Alzheimer's due to the fact he was not insane before the 1860 census.
I've got a copy of the above, but have evidently misfiled it. I'll add as soon as I locate it...

Some questions remain:
Where in South Carolina did William McCullough come from?
Who are his parents?
Who is his wife Eleanor?

When and where did they marry?
When did he die and where was he buried?
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