Monday, August 29, 2011

Amanuensis Monday: Emily Louise Norman Palmer

This postcard and letter were written by Emily Louise Norman Palmer.  Emily was born 1867 in Ohio, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Fenner Norman. Her mother died when she was about five. Her father remarried in 1873. Emily's family moved to Tennessee about 1887. She and her husband William Joseph Palmer moved to Washington in 1909, with their two daughters, Florence and Ruby.

Florence Palmer, age 13, 1903
A post card from Emma to Mr. Thos Norman from Wenatchee, Washington March 16, 1909:

Dear Father and Mother,
We had a fine trip out here.  It is a great fruit country.  So far we like it but haven’t got beautiful yet.  Just as quick as we get settled will write a long letter.
With love,

Emma wrote the following to her family after learning of the death of her father, Thomas Norman. Her stepmother Emily Buffington Skidmore Norman had died in 1915.
The postmark of this letter is December 23, 1918, Wenatchee, Washington
Addressed to Mr and Mrs William Norman,  Comfort, Tennessee

Wenatchee, Wa.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters
I have delayed writing this letter all together too long but at first the disappointment was too great.  I just could not and have had to work very hard and then I got sick but am feeling better now.  I had always thought I could get to see the folks while they were here but it wasn’t to be.  I could have gone but for my husband being taken so sick with asthma and we had to come to a dry climate.  No one thought he would live to get here but he has got better all the time.  But just the same it means to stay here as he would be just a bad if we leave here. But that wasn’t all.  We lost all our money the first year we came here in a bad investment and had to start all over again and was just getting where I could think about it again but it was too late.  I have tried to find out where he was but all I ever heard was that he was at Will’s and do you know I did not know where you lived until Mame sent the telegram Lena sent.  Please write and tell me all about him.  I know he was contented with you.  Lena said he liked you so well.  I was looking at your fine family yesterday when it came over me that they must be young ladies.  Now please tell me all about them and Lillie the sister I have never seen.  Where is she and how much of a family has she .  Are you having the flue bad down there.  I hope not.  It is a bad thing.  It is quite bad here but we stay right at home.  We have snow on the ground.  I expect you have warm weather down there yet.  We have a fruit farm and raise apples.  We had three thousand boxes this year.  It cost us a thousand dollars just to harvest them.  Help was so scarce and high.  Mostly women now since the war started.  I worked all through it and worked too hard I guess.  Now please write and tell me all about yourselves and the rest of the family.  Where is Loren and how many children has he.  Did you see sister Mame when she was in Alabama.  Well I must close.  With love to you all from your sister.
Mrs. W. J. Palmer
Fifth St.
Chelan Co.

Emily lived in Washington until her death December 20, 1950. Her husband passed away in 1949. I pray that she was able to see her family again.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Brick Walls--Gabriel McCullough

I spent the evening yesterday searching for info on one of my brick walls in Perry County, Alabama. His name is Gabriel J McCullough. He was born in Tennessee, probably Warren County, about 1817.
I am glad that I at least got to Warren County, I happened to find his sister, Martha Jane McCullough McCraw, in the 1850 Perry County, Alabama census. A Mr. Hugh LeBaron transcribed the census for USGENWEB
Luckily, he also had additional information that he was kind enough to add. He states Martha was born in Warren County November 21, 1817. Since my Gabriel was born about 1817, and also in Tennessee, I'll be headed next (via computer) to Warren County.
Here is the 1850 census in Perry County:

Series: M432  Roll: 12  Page: 337
Wm McCullough  49  Farmer  200 SC
Elender  47  SC
Thomas H  15  AL
Gabriel J  26  TN
Rufus G  18  AL

I have not been able to find too much on parents William and Eleanor? There is an older son, William, that was born in SC in 1815, so marriage is probably in SC.
A younger son, James also born in TN in 1820.

The 1860 census:

Series: M653  Roll: 20  Page: 702
Wm McCullough, 67, SC, Insane
Ellenor McCullough, 67, wife. SC

Series: M653  Roll: 20  Page: 730

Gabriel J Mccullough 39, Real Estate 500, Personal 280, Farmer
Mary A Mccullough 29, AL
Sarah E Mccullough 2, AL
Mary E Mccullough 10/12, AL

Anyone have any suggestions??