Sunday, May 18, 2014

Karonhappuc "Carry" Tubb Meggs 1806-1898 #52Ancestors #20

Karonhappuc "Carry" A Tubb or Tubbs was the daughter of Samuel Tubb(s) and Mary Terry. She was born 1806 in Tennessee. Karonhappuc is a Biblical name. Keren-Happuch was the 3rd daughter of Job (Job 42:14). This Karonhappuc was also named after her father's sister, Karenhappuck, who married her first cousin, John Tubb (but that's a whole 'nother blog post) .

Carry married Thomas Meggs October 10, 1826 in Perry County, Alabama.

They had at least 12 children:
Mary A born 1827, married Gabriel J McCullough.
Davis Willis born 1829, married Mary Jane Whitman.
Elizabeth born 1832, married George Rolison.
Stephen David born 1835, married Penelope Digby.
Sarah born about 1836, never married.
Nancy born 1837.
Mahala born 1838.
Lavinia born 1840.
Martha born 1841.
Thomas J born 1843,
James M born 1847  and
Adaline born 1852, married Charles Wesley Warren.

Carrie died about 1898 in either Bibb or Perry County, Alabama