Sunday, June 29, 2014

Eleanor Nelly Morris Mills 1739-1833 #52Ancestors #24

Eleanor Morris, known as Nelly, was the daughter of William Morris and his wife, Esther Phalby. She was born 1739 in James River, Williamsburg, Virginia.

She married William Mills October 12, 1765.

I found a very interesting account of her life in the book Chronology of North Carolina, showing when the most remarkable events connected with her history took place, from the year 1584 to the present time, with explanatory notes

"William Mills emigrated to the " block house" on the Catawba, and thence to Green River, now Rutherford County, in 1766. He was of English descent, and was born on James' River, Va., the 10th of November, 1746. At an early age he married Miss Eleanor Morris, of South Carolina, and together they journeyed happily through life for sixty-nine years. They were surrounded by Indians several times, and twice driven from their homes, having their houses and all their contents pillaged and burned. At one time he returned home from hunting, and found his house robbed, his wife gone, and everything laid desolate, which set him perfectly wild ; he commenced moaning and tearing out his hair, when, like an angel, his wife suddenly appeared unharmed. As the Indians entered the house she crept out at a small window in the garret, and down the chimney, making her escape to a swamp near by where she lay concealed till she heard her husband's voice. At another time she escaped in a similar way, and when a whole troop of Indians were ripping up feather beds and yelling over their plunder she raised a shout solitary and alone- in a swamp near the house — " Hurra for King George and his army,'' with such rapidity and vehemence, that the whole horde of savages took to their heels, and she gained a bloodless victory, and saved most of her property. She was not only bold, but a most exemplary woman and Christian, having been a member of the Methodist Church for over fifty years previous to her death, which occurred in the spring of 1833, at the age of ninety-four years, beloved and lamented by all who knew her."

What a remarkably brave woman!

Eleanor Morris Mills is buried in the Mills Cemetery in Henderson County, North Carolina.