Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wedding Wednesday-James Harve Hamaker and Mary Alice Warnick Carter, Hueytown, AL

Marriage of James Harve Hamaker and Mary Alice Warnick Carter
July 22, 1909

James Harve Hamaker is on of those people who just dropped out of the sky and landed fully grown in Alabama, Although the Hamaker line is pretty well documented in Alabama, I have not been able to place him. His first appearance is in the 1900 census in Jefferson, Alabama:
Series: T623  Roll: 21  Page: 171

HAMAKER, HARVEY, 24, single, born AL ---1876, father unknown, mother AL, coal miner
Meeks, Susan C, 30, sister, born AL Nov 1869, single, father unknown, mother AL
Meeks, Henry, 22 brother, born AL Oct 1877, father unknown, mother AL, coal miner
Harve was born August 8, 1869 per his death certificate.
You would think there would be some clues having Susan and Henry Meeks as his brother and sister. Mysteriously, I have found no earlier census records for them either. No marriage of a Meeks and Hamaker. Harve's death certificate was no help, parents unknown. Still searching.

Harve married Mary Alice Warnick, daughter of George Washington Warnick and Flora Jane Cargo Warnick. Alice was the widow of Samuel Thomas Carter. Samuel died in the Virginia Mines (AL) explosion February 20, 1905. You can read more about him here--  He left behind not only his widow, but a daughter Dessa and his as yet unborn daughter Flora. Flora was born August 13, 1905.
Mary Alice Warnick Carter, daughters Flora and Dessa

Harve built Alice a house on land origionally belonging to the Huey's, at 3121 Warrior River Rd. Harve raised both daughters, and he and Alice had one son, Roma Neil, born October 12, 1911.

Harve died in 1950, at the age of 81. Alice died in 1970, at the age of 87.
Harve and Alice are buried in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Hueytown, Jefferson, Alabama