Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sibling Saturday-George and Martha Allie Walker-Birmingham, Alabama

Martha Allie Walker was born March 31, 1880. Her brother George Milton Walker was born November, 1881 in Pickensville, Pickens, Alabama.

They were orphaned at an early age. Their mother died in April of 1895 in Birmingham, Alabama. Their father had died some time earlier. Martha went to live with her half sister, Elizabeth Carver Sanders, wife of James Monroe Sanders. Oral family history says he was "a sorry, mean man. Martha Allie hated him with a passion". 
Martha married John Henry Norman October 20, 1897 in Birmingham.

George lied about his age, and went to fight in the Spanish-American War. In the 1900 census, he is found in Samar Island, Philippines with the 29th Infantry as a "Musician". He states his date of birth as November, 1881. 

When George was discharged, he came back to Birmingham looking for his sister. The Norman family had moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They went there for John to work in the steel mills as he was an iron worker.  George had no idea where they were. George moved to San Francisco, California. He worked as an elevator operator. He met and married Susan Edwards about 1908. Susan died in childbirth with their first child.

There is a happy ending though
Reunion of sister and brother after 28 years

George traveled back to Birmingham 28 years later. Oral history says he knocked on the door and asked if Martha Allie Walker lived there.  She was extremely surprised and glad to see him.

Martha died April 21, 1948 in Birmingham. George died November 30 1955 in Los Angeles, California.