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Bridget Conlon McGowan from Ireland to PA to AL #52Ancestors #12

Bridget was born somewhere in Ireland. She was the daughter of Michael Conlon and his wife Ellen. The last name has been found as Conlan, Conlen, Conlin and Conlon.

I have not been able to determine Bridget's entry into the US. Per two census records, she arrived in 1855. There are quite a few Bridget Conlons immigrating in the time period before 1860. I've not found any that are on the same ship with a Michael and Ellen, nor any alone in 1855. I have also not been able to be certain where Bridget was in the 1860 census.

Bridget married James McGowan about 1860 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Diocese of Pittsburgh says that marriage records before 1877 are no longer in existence. They were probably married at St. John the Evangelist (South Side)

I was able to obtain the following births and baptisms from the Diocese:
St. John the Evangelist (South Side) Baptismal Records

Patrick, born 22 Mar 1861; baptized 31 Mar 1861; father: James McGown; mother: Bridget Conboy; sponsors: Albert Griffin, Anna Conlon

Mary, born 12 Feb 1864; baptized 28 Feb 1864; father: James McGowan; mother: Bridg. Conlon; sponsors: John McDowal, Mary Conlon

Sarah Helen, born 2 Mar 1866; baptized 18 Mar 1866; father: James McGowan; mother: Bridget Conlin; sponsors: Thos. Nolan, Edelia McCann

Joseph, born 18 Mar 1867; baptized 31 Mar 1867; father: James McGowan; mother: Bridget Conolan; sponsors: Edward McTiernan, Anna McCann

Ellen, born 19 Mar 1873; baptized 6 Apr 1873; father: Jacobo [James] McGowan; mother: Brigitta Connolly; sponsors: Hugo McFadden, Anna Murray

Jacobum, born 15 Feb 1875; baptized 18 Mar 1875; father: Jacobo McGowan; mother: Brigit Conlon; sponsor: Winifred Gowey

Thomas, born 16 Oct 1877; baptized 21 Oct 1877; father: James McGowan; mother: Brigit Conlon; sponsors: Arthur Holland, Mary McGlinn

The family was in the East Birmingham Borough of Pittsburgh in 1870:
James, age 36, Iron Pudler, value of real estate 1000, personal estate 100, born Ireland, father & mother of foreign birth, US Citizen.
Bridget, age 33, keeps house, born Ireland
Patrick, age 9, Born PA
Mary, age 6, born PA
Joseph, age 4, born PA
Michael, age 8/12, born PA, Sept
Townloe, Mike, age 23, laborer, born Ireland

The 1880 census:
James McGowan Self M Male W 42 IRE Boiler IRE IRE
Bridget McGowan Wife M Female W 40 IRE Keeping Bdg House IRE IRE
Patrick McGowan Son S Male W 19 PA Boilers Helper IRE IRE
Mary A. McGowan Dau S Female W 16 PA At Home IRE IRE
Joseph McGowan Son S Male W 13 PA Wks In Rg Mill IRE IRE
James McGowan Son S Male W 5 PA IRE IRE
Thomas McGowan Son S Male W 2 PA IRE IRE
James Conaway boarder S Male W 40 IRE Boiler IRE IRE
Edwd O'Malley boarder S Male W 30 IRE Boiler IRE IRE
William Riley boarder S Male W 36 IRE Boiler IRE IRE

James died in 1889. Bridget is listed as the widow of James in the 1889/90 city directory
Title: J. F. Diffenbacher's Directory of Pittsburgh and Allegheny cities. 1889/1890
Author: Diffenbacher, J. F.
Collection: Historic Pittsburgh City Directories
pg 760

McGowan, Bridget, wid Jas, 140 S Twenty-fifth
McGowan, Jos, helper, 140 S Twenty-fifth

In 1900, Bridget was living in McKeesport, Pennsylvania:
630 Jerome St. (Jerome St was demolished as part of the Jerome St Bridge construction in McKeesport)
Picture by Leepaxton at en.wikipedia

MCGOWAN BRIDGET 57 F W IREL Jan 1843, Widowed. 5 children, 5 living, Immigration 1855, Years in US 45
McGowan, James, son, Feb 1875, 25, born PA, parents Ireland, laborer pipe mill
McGowan, Thomas, Oct 1878, 21, born PA, parents Ireland, laborer pipe mill

In 1910, Bridget was living with her daughter and son-in-law in McKeesport.
1408 Jenny Lind St (now an empty lot)

Ridge, Michael, 44, 1st marriage, married 13 years, Born England, parents England, Immigration 1891, Gas Producer, Tube Works
Mary A, wife, 44, 3 children, 3 living, Born PA, parents Ireland
Katherine, daughter, 11, PA
Maria, daughter, 8, PA
Ellen, daughter, 4, PA
MCGOWAIN BRIDGET 69 F W IREL Mother-in-law, widowed, 10 children, 4 living, parents Ireland, Immigration 1855

By 1920, Bridget had moved to Birmingham, Alabama, and was living with her son Patrick:
Nineteenth Street
McGowen P H 55 M W PA
Tom 27? Salesman Barber Supply
Dan 24 Carpenter Steel Plant
Alice 21 Operator Phone Co
Joe 20 Labor ? Co
Frank 13, ? boy, ? Co
pg 249
John 11
Bridget, Mother, 85 born Ireland

Bridget died January 30, 1920 of Bright's disease (kidney disease). She was buried in Southside Catholic Cemetery. UAB purchased the property where the cemetery was located, and all graves were moved. I have not been able to locate Bridget's final resting place.