Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Flora Carter Tidwell of Alabama 1905-1981 #52Ancestors #6

Flora Jane Carter was born August 13, 1905 in what would become Hueytown, Alabama. Flora was the daughter of Samuel Thomas Carter and Mary Alice Warnick Carter. She was born four months after her father was killed in the Virginia Mines.

Flora Carter

Flora is the baby in Alice's lap

Flora's mother was remarried in 1909 to James Harve Hamaker. He raised Flora and her sister Dessie.

Flora as a girl by snowball bush, Hueytown, AL
Flora attended Hueytown High School, where she was on the girl's basketball team.
1921 Girl's Basketball Team from Hueytown Historical Society. Flora is 2nd from the left in the back.

Possibly Senior Picture

Flora married Beverly Clinton Tidwell about 1930. I have not been able to locate a marriage record.
My mother, Anna Janet, was born January 21, 1931.
Flora holding Anna near the washpot and chinaberry tree, 1931. 
Another daughter, Mary Evelyn, followed in 1935.

Flora at TB Sanitarium, Birmingham, Alabama. 2nd from the right.

Flora contracted TB at some point and was sent to a sanitarium for 16 months. The sanitarium is now known as Lakeshore Rehabilitation Hospital in present day Homewood, Alabama. Flora lost a lung to TB.

Flora's husband Clint died in 1955. Clint was a carpenter, and built Flora a house at 112 Lindburg Rd, Hueytown. Flora's Aunt, Annie Brown, lived next door.

When I was a child, Flora lived with her mother Alice Warnick. Flora moved back to her house in the 1970's.

Flora, her mother Alice, and me

Flora was an excellent seamstress. She could make anything on her treadle Singer machine, which I was lucky enough to inherit. I remember one Christmas ripping off the paper to find a Parisian box. Uggh, clothes...the bane of every child's Christmas. I was delighted to find inside a wonderful set of clothes for my doll, all handmade by my grandmother. If I spent the night and had forgotten my PJs, before bedtime there would be a set made, complete with buttons.

Flora lived alone up in her 70's She then moved in with her daughter Mary.
Flora died April 9, 1981, and is buried next to husband in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Hueytown, Alabama.