Saturday, July 20, 2013

John Warnick of Alabama and Texas

I have two old photos of John Warnick. I love them both.
Uncle John Warnick and friend. Green 1 cent stamp on back

Washington stamp issued 1917-1919?

The second is a family photo

John Warnick and family
Corporal stripes? WWI?

There are two possibilities for Uncle John Warnick:
From family stories, John R. Warnick born 1892, son of George Washington Warnick and Flora Cargo Warnick, was "in trouble with the law". He left home sometime after the 1910 Hueytown, Jefferson County, Alabama census and never came back. I have been unable to locate him in any census after 1910.
John was not mentioned in his mother's obit in 1945, but was mentioned in his father's in 1949.

The second possibility is John Wesley Warnick, son of Caleb and Sophronia Holley Warnick, and brother of the above George. He was born 1874. I have more info on him, but have not been able to place him in Texas. He married Constance Belma Freeman. I also have only seen two sons in census records, and those two are mentioned in his obit.

Are these photos the same person? I'm thinking that they are.

Any clues you can provide would be most welcome, especially approximate dates for these photos.