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Slaves Found in My Family History Research

Schalene Dagutis had a great idea in coming up with the Slave Name Roll Project. The idea is to post the names of slaves found in your family history research to help those looking for their slave ancestors. I will be adding to this post as I discover others.
James Hopkinson's Plantation. Planting sweet potatoes. ca. 1862/63 Henry P. Moore - Library of Congress
Slaves of William Cornelius (from his will, Blount, Alabama 1840)
I give and have given to my eldest daughter Amy Cargill, the wife of Cornelius Cargill, one Negro girl named Charlotte and her child Lucy.

I give and have given to my eldest son Jesse Cornelius, on Negro boy named Isaiah.

I have given to my son Aaron Cornelius one Negro girl named Leah and her two children, one girl named Harlot, {Hariot or Harriett?} and one boy named Lewis.

I give and have given to my son William Cornelius two Negro boys (brothers), one named Jacob in his possession and the other named Andrew.

I have given to my son Champion Cornelius one Negro girl named Ann and her two children, one named Ransom and the other name Metilda. {Matilda}

I have given to my son Beverly Cornelius two Negro girls, one named Ester {Esther} and the other named Tener.

I have given to my daughter Lettice Cooks children, on Negro girl named Marah.

I have given to my daughter Tabitha Hays one Negro girls named Elinar. {Eleanor}

I have given and bequeath to my son Abner Cornelius on Negro boy named Stuard. {Stewart Steward}

Slaves of Augustus Wheat  (Atlanta, DeKalb County, Campbellton, Campbell County, Douglas County Georgia)

1850, Atlanta, DeKalb, Georgia
22 year old female

1860 Campbellton, Campbell, Georgia
a 45 year old female and two children, both 7 years old, male and female

Indentured former slave children
1866 Campbellton, Campbell, Georgia

Thompson Wheat* boy twelve years old, Mary Wheat a girl seven years old, Edwin Wheat** a boy five years old and Nancy Wheat*** a girl three years old.
*Married 30 Sep 1873 Campbell, Georgia to Elizzie Smith
** born August 1859, died 7 August 1921. Married Laura Ellison 23 December 1888 in Douglas, Georgia..

April 1867
Augustus Wheat 15 years old

22 June 1867
Robert Edmondson 16 years old

1880 GA Douglas Co., District 1273,Roll T9_144; FHF 1254144, Pg 185.1000, ED50, dwell 127, lines 12-16, June ??
Wheate, Mary 56, widow, white, GA, GA, GA, keeping house, can read & write
Wheate, Gilbert, son, 18, white, GA, GA, GA, farm labor, can read & write
Wheate, Alzira, dau., 14, white, GA, GA, GA, at home, can read & write
Wheate, Ed, son**,18, black, GA, GA, GA, farm labor, cannot read or write
Wheate, Nancy, dau.***, 15, black, GA, GA, GA, farm labor, cannot read or write

Slaves of Moses Kirkland (will dated March 7, 1847, Henry County, Alabama)
...unto my daughter Ailcey Bracken, a negro boy named Abram, also a negro girl named Eveline...said negroes are now in her possession... her husband Mathew Brackin.
...unto my daughter Ruth Kirkland, two negroes, a girl named Hannah and a boy named Alex already in her possession...her said husband William S. Kirkland.
...unto my son, Benjamin Kirkland a negro boy named Alford and one named Service already in his possession.
...unto my son Willis Kirkland, a negro boy named Green and one named Jacob already in his possession.
...unto my son Josiah Kirkland one negro boy named Melvin and one named Daniel already in his possession.

Slaves of William Crabtree (will dated November 4, 1747, Baltimore, Maryland)
...unto my loving wife Jane Crabtree one Irish servant lad called Alexander Anderson, during her widowhood, then to go to my son William Crabtree. my son Thomas Crabtree one servant man that Samuel Webb owes me... my son John Crabtree one Negro boy called Duke...

Slaves of James Warnock (will dated January 16, 1804,  Wilson County, Tennessee) my beloved wife Rhoda a negro wench named Rachel so long as she lives on said land but if she moves of sd land then said wench to return to my proper heirs and if sd wench should have any more children during the time that she has he in possession, such child or children shall be taken away at eighteen months old...
... to my daughter Ann a negro boy named Abram... my daughter Elenor a negro boy named Lige...

Slaves of Robert Dowdle, Sr (will dated September 2, 1819,  Anderson, Anderson, South Carolina)
...unto my Beloved wife Mary...My Negro wench Sally to her...together with my Negro fellow Maurice... My Negro wench Betty to be under the care of my said wife during her life and at her Death to be provided for by my Son Samuel and his heirs. It is further my will that at the Death of my said wife, the aforementioned Negro Fellow Maurice be manumitted from Servitude for Life.
...give and bequeath to my Son Samuel, at the death of my wife Mary, the Negro boy, by name Nathan and at the Death of my Son, this Boy to be left to my Son Samuells Son James...Also I give and bequeath to my Son Samuel the Negro Girl Lucy and her Increase to him, his heirs and assigns forever.
I give and bequeath to my Grand Son Robert Barr, son of my Son Samuel, a Negro Boy by name Cato...
I will and bequeath to my Son James, his heirs and assigns, the Negro Fellow by name Tom.
To my Daughter Margaret Pickens a Negro Boy by name Sambo.
Also to my Son John Dowdle a Negro girl by name Susan with her Increase.

Slaves of Eli Wheat (will dated December 13, 1809, Columbia County, Georgia) negro man named Will, one other negro man named Hannibel, also one negro woman named Polley and her Child called Presby and their increase... I will to my Father and Mother, during their natural lives - but when my Father dies my will then is that the negro man Will as above named may go to my Brother Wesley Wheat...

...after the death of my Father and Mother, the negros Hanibel, Polley and Presby and their increase if any may go to my Brother Harvey Wheat...

Slaves of William H Richardson (Inventory December 23, 1864, Greene County, Alabama)


Sale from Isaiah Phillips to Joel Phillips, Sr December 12, 1791 Wilkes, Georgia

12 Dec 1791 Bill of Sale for a negro wench named Bett, about 21 years old, and a child named Rose, 3 years old. From Isaiah Phillips to Joel Phillips, Senr, for £75. Proved by William Ramey who saw Isaiah Phillips, son of Joel Phillips, sign bill of sale. Recorded 16 Apr 1792 in Wilkes Co Deed Book GG, Page 456

If you have any additional information on anyone listed here, I will be happy to add it.

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