Sunday, April 22, 2018

Italian for Genealogists

Here are a few basic Italian words used for genealogy. I thought it would be useful to have them all in one place.

Ancestors  Antenati
Genealogy  Genealogia

The basic types of records are:

Italian Numbers
1 uno
2 due
3 tre
4 quattro
5 cinque
6 sei
7 sette
8 otto
9 nove
10 dieci
11 undici
12 dodici
13 tredici
14 quattordici
15 quindici
16 sedici
17 diciassette
18 diciotto
19 diciannove
20 venti
21 ventuno
22 ventidue
23 ventitre'
24 ventiquattro
25 venticinque
26 ventisei 
27 ventisette
28 ventiotto
29 ventinove
30 trenta
40 quaranta
50 cinquanta
60 sessanta
70 settanta
80 ottanta
90 novanta
100 cento

Italian Months (not usually capitalized)

January gennaio
February febbraio
March marzo
April aprile
May maggio
June giguno
July luglio
August agosto
September settembre
October ottobre
November novembre
December dicembre

di in front of a name indicates living
du in front of a name indicates deceased

bambino...male baby

bambina...female baby






male...maschio, maschile

midwife...ostericia, levantrice


single...celibe, nubile




If you have any others please let me know and I will be happy to add them.

Here are some basic facts:
Italian women keep their maiden names for life, and do not take their husband's last name.
Records often give a baby's first name only, but if the father is listed, the last name is inferred.
Ages, occupations, and places of residence are usually given for all people on the form, and usually in that order.
Records begin with the date at the top, which is the date the info was reported to the town official, and not necessarily the date of the event.
Births had to be reported within three days, and the official had to actually see the child.
There had to be witnesses for all events.

Buona fortuna nella tua ricerca (Good luck in your search)
(Good luck in your search)

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